Arnaud Renoux: Mastering Cold Outreach

Reframe Sales, India with Aditya Bhat Ep#6

Arnaud Renox, Co-founder of the The ScaleGroup shares the secrets to becoming unbreakable in the competitive sales industry, emphasizing the importance of effective cold outreach techniques.


The world of sales has undergone significant changes in recent years, especially with the rise of digital communication and automation. In this podcast episode, two seasoned sales professionals, Arnaud and Adi, discuss their experiences and the evolution of sales strategies, focusing on outbound sales through channels like email, calls, and WhatsApp. They share valuable insights and tips for salespeople looking to stand out in the noisy modern sales landscape.

Key Sales Tips from the Episode:

  1. The Evolution of Sales: Arnaud and Adi reflect on the transformation of sales from manual, time-consuming processes to the automation and efficiency provided by modern sales tools and software. The discussion emphasizes the need for sales professionals to adapt to these changes to stay competitive.
  2. The Power of Cold Calls: Contrary to the belief that cold calls are becoming obsolete, Arnaud emphasizes the effectiveness of cold calling as an acquisition channel. They discuss how it can still yield impressive results, especially when integrated with other prospecting methods.
  3. Leveraging WhatsApp in Asia: In regions like Asia, WhatsApp is a powerful communication channel for sales professionals. Arnaud and Adi discuss their experiences using WhatsApp as a means to reach out to prospects. They highlight the high response rates and effectiveness of WhatsApp in these markets.
  4. Personalization and Observations in Cold Emails: For cold email outreach, Arnaud shares a concise four-sentence structure: start with an observation, follow with a brief statement on how you can help the prospect, mention how you’ve assisted similar clients, and conclude with a light call to action. This method ensures your emails are engaging and to the point.
  5. Re-engaging Ghosted Prospects: If a prospect goes silent during a sales conversation, Arnaud recommends sending a one-sentence email, asking the prospect for their suggestions on how to move the discussion forward. This approach often elicits responses and provides insights into the prospect’s perspective.
  6. Leading the Conversation with Questions: To guide sales conversations effectively, Arnaud advises salespeople to ask questions. The one leading the conversation is the one asking questions. Skillful questioning allows sales professionals to frame discussions and uncover valuable information about the prospect’s needs and preferences.


This podcast episode offers a wealth of insights into modern sales strategies, emphasizing the importance of adapting to the changing sales landscape. From cold calling to leveraging WhatsApp in specific markets, the discussion highlights actionable tips for sales professionals looking to stay competitive and succeed in the noisy world of outbound sales.

Episode Higlights

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