CueCard’s Sales Virtual Assistant redefines sales support

Sales reps lose a lot of time hunting for product related information and marketing collateral while product, marketing and infosec teams lose time answering these questions. CueCard’s AI enabled sales assistant answers all those questions in seconds freeing up time for teams to focus on driving revenue growth.

Key features

Departmental Specialization

Have multiple assistants specialized in various departments, each with controlled access to tailored information, offering unprecedented flexibility.

Information Control:

Empower users to control the breadth of information the Assistant accesses, from specific topics to the entire knowledge universe.

Simple Implementation

Easily integrate Google Drive, scrape website pages, add competitor sites, and incorporate the app into your Slack workspace within minutes. Access the bot directly within CueCard or through Slack.

Real-time Competitor Intelligence

Stay ahead with real-time competitor insights, enabling smarter sales decisions in every conversation.

Digital Avatars:

Tailored avatars for each department or function, trained to help you replicate the selling style of the best.

Seamless Slack Integration

Communicate with the CueCard bot directly within your Slack workspace, eliminating the need for multiple platforms.

Why Sales Reps love us

Time Efficiency

No more time wasted searching for product or competitor information; everything you need is at your fingertips.

Productivity Gains

Streamline prospect conversations with quick access to case studies and relevant information.

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Avoid incomplete conversations by having all the necessary information at your disposal.

Ready to experience the future of sales?