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Be ahead of the competition, bridge the gap between sales and marketing, and help your sales team close more deals with CueCard’s AI powered sales solutions

AI Enabled Chat Bot

AI assistant infused with winning strategies and the intelligence of your top-performing sales reps.

RFP Automation

Effortlessly manage and streamline your Request for Proposal processes.

Competitor Intelligence

Stay ahead in the market with competitor intelligence at your finger tips.

Content Management

Gain valuable insights into content performance to refine your sales strategy.


More efficient than sales training


Visibility of the Marketing team


Weekly hours saved on follow ups

Our Solutions

Sales Virtual Assistant

Sales reps lose a lot of time hunting for product related information and marketing collateral while product, marketing and infosec teams lose time answering these questions. CueCard’s AI enabled sales assistant answers all those questions in seconds freeing up time for teams to focus on driving revenue growth.

RFP Automation

Filling RFPs doesn’t need to slow down the sales process anymore. Streamline the creation of responses to Requests for Proposals (RFPs) by extracting relevant information from various sources, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in the proposal process.

Content Impact tracking

Elevate your marketing strategy with Content Impact Tracking, providing your team with complete visibility into the content and messaging that fuels success. Gain the ability to track the direct impact of your content on sales conversions, empowering you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your marketing efforts effectively.

Sales Enablement

Revolutionize your Sales Enablement with dynamic Battle Cards that automatically stay current, eliminating the need for manual updates. Empower your sales team with real-time access to up-to-date competitor intelligence and product information, ensuring they are always armed with the latest insights for impactful engagements.

Sales Repository

Centralized sales arsenal – from crucial documents and videos to strategic battle cards and insightful call recordings – all in a single, organized hub. With CueCard, accessing any sales-related information is just a few clicks away, ensuring you never spend more than three clicks to find what you need.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Making sense of it all, one answer at a time

What is CueCard?

CueCard is an AI-powered sales enablement tool designed to enhance collaboration between sales and marketing teams. It enables marketing teams to gain insights into content usage and prospect inquiries, facilitating data-driven content creation. Meanwhile, sales teams benefit from quick access to marketing materials, competitive information, and automated follow-up email capabilities for seamless customer interactions.

What are sales battle cards?

Sales battle cards empower sales teams to conduct comprehensive comparisons between their own product or service and those of competitors. By assessing factors like performance, value, features, and pricing, these concise reference materials offer a swift and efficient means to maintain a competitive edge and consistently excel in every sales interaction.

Why use CueCard to improve sales training?

Sales training is important, but with account executives often only staying with a company for 18 months, companies can’t always afford to invest in extensive training programs.
Ai-powered cue cards offer a solution that allows salespeople to learn and improve on the job in a practical and engaging way.

What does CueCard do for marketing visibility into sales?

With CueCard, the marketing team has 100% visibility into the content and the messaging that is working from a sales perspective. Any and all content that is selected is tagged and marked, and can be traced back to tell exactly which content is being sent, by who, and why.

What is the benefit of using CueCard for follow-up emails?

CueCard generates “follow-up” emails in real-time as sales team members log data into the system. This feature ensures that sales people have effective follow-up emails that are comprehensive and have marketing-approved messaging, helping them avoid the common issue of poor note-taking and ineffective follow-up emails.

Does CueCard improve collaboration among sales team members?

Yes! CueCard helps top-performing sales team members share their successful strategies for handling objections and answering questions by tracking their response models. The information is then automatically shared with other sales team members, enabling them to improve and become top-performers.

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